And I don’t think a lot of it’s on purpose, I think most trainers mean well, but here’s the problem:

Most of them are blessed with amazing genes and they don’t realize it.

Now that’s good for them, but shitty for us.


Because we look up to them and respect their bodies, which means we listen to their advice…

But since they can drink a 12-pack of mountain dew without gaining a pound, then well, that’s probably not somebody we should listen to.

And while they continue to spew their advice that they learned in nutrition class, we continue to do our best and keep packin on pounds…

A routine that usually makes us depressed. Making us feel like losers without motivation and thinking we’re cursed for life.

Now this is bad for many reasons, but then on top of that, most of these “proven programs” don’t give our money back when we don’t see results, and that scares us from making any more investments in our health.

But we still wonder why there’s an obesity epidemic?

Trust me, I’ve been there and I know exactly how it feels.

I tried every program out there, from insanity to personal trainers, but no matter what I did - the pounds kept coming back.

This was depressing at first and I thought I was going to be fat my entire life, but then I came across the concept of fat burning mode.

I talked about this mode throughout the email course so I know you’re aware, but this is the simple switch that finally changed my life.

And at first I was extremely skeptical, there’s no doubt about it.

I mean, I’d already tried every different approach out there and now there was some new fat burning approach that was telling me to do the exact opposite of everything I knew?

Nu-uh, not happenin…

But then I thought about it for a little bit longer, and it started to make sense. Well, by make sense, I mean it pretty much validated my concern that the trainers and other “professionals” really didn’t know what they were talking about.

None of them had ever been overweight and they were simply lucky individuals full of bad information.

And by this time I was chasing the lady of my dreams, so I figured screw it, why not?

So I tried out this new approach.

I started to eat a lot of butter, more bacon, drank some fancy ketone thing, and went to the gym less…

The result?

I lost over 50 pounds in 14 months!

How does that freaking work?

Well, here’s the good news.

I dug into this for a long time and really started to figure out why.

I didn’t want to just understand some surface logic bullshit that couldn’t hold up in an argument, I wanted to truly understand why.

So that’s exactly what I did, then I started helping others lose weight as well.

I was loving the progress and felt great (okay, amazing) about the results I was getting people…

So that’s when I went back to the drawing board and realized that I could package up everything I knew, and start selling it in the form of a program.

At first I was concerned that I’d lose the one-on-one touch that I could provide my clients, but that’s when a great idea hit me…

Instead of charging the entire time I was helping them, I’d simply create a program, have them go through it, and then personally answer any questions they might have.

So I thought about it a little longer, couldn’t find a reason not to, and well let’s just say - the rest is history.

But here’s the great part, you’re here for a reason, and I want to make sure you can see these results as well.

That’s why I’m offering my flagship program, Fat Burning Mode…

A program that includes:

  • My fat burning masterclass (a detailed approach that shows you how to enter fat burning mode)
  • My nutritional calculator (one that’s designed for fat burning mode, not the standard 2,000 calorie diet that doesn’t do any good)
  • A ketone supplement (and other vendors) cheat sheet…(allowing you to find the right products for you, not wasting thousands of dollars like I had to)
  • The bi-weekly recipe guide (keeping your meals fresh and “clean”)
  • And an intermittent fasting video (one that shows you the amazing benefits of mimicking our ancestors eating habits, and how you can gain these benefits)...

But unlike every other program, I don’t want you to be on the hook for a program that doesn’t work.

Trust me, I’ve been there. I spent thousands of dollars on a personal trainer, and even though I can’t say he was completely worthless (at least showed me how to use the gym equipment), let’s just say - he didn’t get me any progress on my body.

So that’s why I don’t just offer an amazing deal, I offer an amazing deal that’s guaranteed for 60 days.

And why 60 days?

Because I know that’s enough time for you to see results. And if you don’t see results, then you shouldn’t pay a g’damn dime.

But that’s not it. I know they say time is money, so not only am I guaranteeing my program for 60 days, I’m also letting you keep the bonuses no matter what.

Want a free nutritional calculator, ketone supplement guide, and bonus intermittent fasting video (refunds get removed from recipe newsletter)? 

Sign up for the program, grab them, and get a refund - I really don’t care.

I realize there’s bad people out there that do this stuff, and if you want to be one of them, that’s on you.

But I also realize there’s a bunch of people out there that truly want to lose weight, but are sick of being screwed over…

The ones that have likely tried a diet before, maybe even paid big bucks for a program that didn’t work, but after being burnt numerous times...they’re pretty much skeptical of every piece of advice out there.

And THAT’S the person I created this program for.

I know that type of person will gladly pay to see results, and I know that person realizes how big of a steal this offer actually is.

So if you’re that type of person…

The type that just wants to see results and is willing to try an unconventional approach (that actually works), then please - join the program today.

And I seriously do take this offer down for months at a time.

Not because I want to or hate helping people out, but because I know if I don’t, then there’s a good chance you’ll never take action.

So I’m serious when I say this, but if you don’t capitalize on this right now, then there’s a good chance you’ll never get the same opportunity again.

It’s guaranteed and you get something either way, what do you have to lose?